Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why I love my Dad............

First of all what is not to lave about this man......look at him all relaxed sitting there. Note that there are 8 grand kids running around the house loudly and jumping on his lap from time to time. He is just amazing, he knows how to do everything and I mean everything. I have yet to find on thing that he can't do. the plus side to that, he taught all three of us girls some of these things. What you may ask.
Well he taught me how to.......
-Change a flat tire
-Rotate my tires
-Change the oil in my car
-Mow the lawn
-How to be on time (amazing with 3 teenage daughters)
-How to love life
I could go on forever. But I realized today how much he taught me, and the biggest thing he taught me......Independence.
It is a beautiful sunny day here in Oregon and by backyard, small as it may be is starting to look like a jungle. So today I broke out the mower and took car of it. All while Chris was playing WoW. yet more proof that I am a WoW widow. Thanks Dad for making sure I knew how to do the important thing in life......I love you.

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