Monday, April 20, 2009

The tour......

So today was they day I took Kimy to her pre-registration and tour of the hospital where she will have surgery next Monday. I took Joey along also so he would know also. We left here took Kassidy to school and then headed downtown. The kids love going over the bridges. As we are heading to the freeway, I realize that I forgot my camera a home. I was so bummed. I wanted to take pictures so Kimy and I could look over them later.
We arrived at the hospital on time, with a little side track through construction. Got all checked in then we got our tour. Kimy and Joey loved looking at everything and wanted to play in all the playrooms. We got to see the rooms and meet some nurses, and also so to see where the fish are and play in the big playroom. They twins had a blast as I jotted down notes and tried to listen. Question, How many times can one Mom say..."Please stop _________"
The nurse was great and even told us some of the things Kimy will see in the operating room. I am sure all of this will help Kimy out next Monday. They both got to bring home a little kit of Doctor stuff (as they call it) and and working on their dolls right now.

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