Monday, April 13, 2009

Preparing for Easter.......

I think one of the best parts about being a kid during Easter is coloring eggs, and of course all the candy you can get. What is there not to love about making eggs any color, or colors you want. You get to be creative and get messy, within reason. Now as a parent I get the joy of watching my kids color eggs. They all have a different way of going about and seeing the results.
Meghan is pretty precise about what she want and how it turns out. She used the wax crayon to write on hers. She had to make sure to get the Fall Out Boys in there somewhere.

Kimy was just so excited, this was the first year that they didn't need assistance from me.
She loved all the colors and had to use each one at least once.

Kassidy was deep in thought, but very free and creative in what she did. She used multiple colors and designs.

Joey loved dropping the eggs in and looking at the colors. Then using his hands to get them out. His hands were more colorful than the eggs I think.

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