Monday, April 27, 2009

Kimy's surgery

So today was Kimy's big day for her bilateral re implantation to solve her kidney reflux issues. We got to the hospital @ 5:45 this morning to get checked in and get ready. After changing into the lovely jammies they provide, we got some vital and then got to play for a while. At about 7am she got some Tylenol and the other meds to make her loopy and then it was off to pre op.
In pre op she found a book that had lots of sparkles and started reading. With in a few minutes Dr. Lashley was in to take her back. She did just great, thought I got a little weepy. But overall everything went off with out a hitch. At about 10:20 Dr Lashley came out to let us know that Kimy did great and all went well. We are so glad that all went well. After being in recovery for a while, it was off to our room for our stay.
Joey had to make sure Kimy knew he was here and that he loved her. He was very worried about her.

Kimy resting

As I type this Kimy is still sleeping off the meds. She is comfortable and not in any pain. I hope she sleeps tonight also. I am so tired from not sleeping last night. I will blog updates as more happens. Thanks for all the prayers.

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Rae Rice said...

thanks for the updates and the pictures. It is good to physically see that she is ok.