Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Boy.........

There is one little boy is our house. He is just to darn cute, but at times I feel sorry for him. He is surrounded by girls. The poor kid has 3 least he is 20 minutes older than Kimy. I never realized how different boys are.
To him life is all about superheros. Batman, Iron man, Superman......I see comic books in our future.
Yesterday while we were outside enjoying the wonderful sunshine, Joey fell off the scooter and scraped up his face. Kimy seeing blood started screaming for me, in turn causing Joey to get upset.

I got him all cleaned up and stopped the bloody nose. He chewed up the inside of his lip pretty bad, but just has a scrape below his nose. Thank God he was wearing his helmet. A must in this house.

10 minutes later he was back to riding the scooter and bike. There is no fear when you are a little boy. You can do it all, as far as he is concerned. I will tell you one thing. He can also be the sweetest most loving out of all the kids.

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