Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh to be a Teenager............

I officially have a teenager now, Meghan turned 13 in February. When she got her own room a few years back, it has always been her space. She can do with it what she likes. All I ask is the she keeps it picked up. Her idea of picked up is totally different than mine.
This is her room picked up......not horrible, but is that basket of clothes clean or dirty?
By the way this turned into a fun game for me. See one thing she does not like me to do is take her picture. I snuck this one. Then she caught on.

I was able to catch this one because she was not looking. At least she was starting to pick up.

Then I went to take this one......What is the thing in her hand and she better not throw it at me!

GOOD!!!!!!! At least she only used it to cover her face. I wish I knew why she did not want me to take her picture. With as many pictures as I take you would thinks she would be use to it by now. She use to be a ham in front of the camera.

Then I got this as I was trying to take a picture. SHE CLOSED THE DOOR ON ME!
What a SNOT!
So then I tried calling her. She was to smart. If you look carefully she has the door cracked a bit and is answering me. At this point I got bored with her and moved on to more willing subjects.

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