Monday, April 27, 2009

Another update.......

So this afternoon has not gone to well. Things have started to go downhill after this loving moment. Daddy and Joey gave hugs and kisses and had to leave. She started crying off and on a bit after that. She wanted to go home and be with them at home. It is so hard watching her cry and knowing that I can't make it better right now for her.
Daddy and Joey saying goodbye.

Coloring for a bit after they left. It is a little hard to color with your left hand when you are right handed. I love the look of great concentration on her face.

Shortly after this is me laying in her bed for snuggles, she had started crying that she wanted to go home and see her Dad. She also did not want to have surgery (to bad it was already done)

Enjoying a Popsicle.....this made her stop crying for a bit. It also turned her mouth purple.
But purple is her favorite color.
He is where things got even worse for her.....She had thrown up shortly before this. She didn't want to change her clothes, or her sheets. She was in more pain and just overall not happy. She is back on clear liquids......she was up to applesauce and toast before. Tomorrow Dr. Lashley will be in at 5am to see her and let us know if we can go home tomorrow. Continued prayers are appreciated. Thanks a ton. I am off to try to get some sleep as she is now sleeping. But they come in every couple of hours to do vitals so we shall see.

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