Sunday, December 14, 2008

WE HAVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So they have been predicting snow all has been cold but no snow until today. We have snow and it is sticking. The kids are so excited. They had to get dressed and get in it. Then after a bit we came in for hot chocolate and marshmallows.
Oreo need to investigate the snow....we think he was trying to find a way to get it. It was moving so he must get it.
I love how wonderful things look covered in snow.

A snow angel made my Kimy or Kassidy.

Fresh snow call for running. Nichole (who was staying the night), Kimy and Kassidy.

Kimy after a snowball to the face. That's what sisters are for.

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Rae Rice said...

"The snow is pretty is funny and you can make pretty funny snowmans, and even when you drop something in the snow it is pretty funny because you dropped it in the snow. I saw snow in Yosemite. It was pretty to cold and when I sledded I crashed into a big snowball and I saw it flied into the street. Then the bus came and it hit the snowball and bumped it all around."

-Nellie commenting on your snow blog.