Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New pictures of the kids

This weekend was a busy one for us. We had a lot to do and tons of fun doing it. Saturday being the busiest day, more about that in my next post. On Sunday I took the kids in for their yearly picture together. I do this every year around Christmas time. I like to see how they have grown. It amazes me they changes they have made this year. Meghan has gotten taller and is looking more like a young woman. Kassidy's hair has gotten curlier and she has also gotten taller. Kimy looks more like a kid and less like a baby, we also grew out her bangs. Joey has gotten bigger still a little crooked, but not as noticeable.
This was my favorite shot, they look like they enjoy being together and don't want to hit each other.......that is some what the case part of the time. They are all smiling and looking at the camera. Who knew taking 4 kids in to have pictures done could be so hard.

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Rae Rice said...

What a great picture of the kids. Please email the jpeg. I would love to have it. Mike and I were talking about just getting in our car the day after christmas and driving up to see you, I miss you that much. BUT I don't think Izze can handle the drive.