Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still snowing......

So we still have snow, and freezing rain. The do not want anyone on the roads without chains on their tires. The kids had no school all week last week, so we have a three week winter break. We are all going a little crazy. I have been baking up a storm, and trying to keep the kids as busy as possible. Today we may take a nice long walk to enjoy the beauty of the snow.
This was taken last night at 10 p.m. My van did not move all day. We took Chris' car out early to get the last of the Christmas shopping done.
Joey enjoying the snow. He absolutely loves playing in the snow. He is always asking to go out to play in it and never wants to go in.

Kimy posing for me. She enjoys playing in the snow and kept dancing like Happy Feet.

Kassidy taking it all in.

This was taken at about 1 p.m. It sticks out of the ground and is the plug for my lights.

The same plug taken at 10 p.m. It is almost covered.

Meghan went out with me at 10 p.m. She actually let me take this picture.
She is beautiful and getting so grown up.
This is the neighbors dog Einstein...he is a corgi and has little legs.
He loves playing in the snow, but it looks like he is swimming.
Meghan making a snow angle.
This was the hood of my car. As I said before it did not move all day.
We had a little over 7 inches of snow yesterday.

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