Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still snow

Still snowing here in Oregon. The kids have been out of school all week so far. I am pretty sure they are not going back until after winter break. Who doesn't love a 3 week winter break. We have been playing in the snow, watching movies, and baking. I am glad to have this time with them. Chris has been working hard, not only is her busy with it being the Christmas Season, but the snow makes everything move slower. Here are some more pictures of the kids playing.
Joey digging under the snow to find a patch of ice.
Kimy catching snow flakes on her tongue.
An all time favorite of any kid.

Me with Kassidy, Kimy and Joey.
Meghan is going through a no picture phase.

Here is one I took of her with out her knowing.
Don't tell her.

The tree behind our house.
It just looks pretty.

The tree in front of out house.

A street by our house. It usually
has a lot of traffic.

The front of our house.
I love this type of weather. The snow makes everything look wonderful and different, like nothing is wrong in the world. If only it were true. My wonderful Aunt Janna could use some prayers, she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. As we speak she is with my other wonderful aunts Kimmie and Linnie in Texas getting radiation treatment. She will them return home on the 22nd for further treatment. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. She is strong and I know all will be well. Thanks from all of us.

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