Monday, December 15, 2008


So I skipped ahead due to us getting snow. That is big news for us. The kids were home today and will be home tomorrow also. Anyways back on track. This past Friday we were going to go to zoo lights, but it was cold and rainy. So my friend Mandie and I packed the kids in the car and drove around looking at all the decorated houses. This is another one of my favorite this to do.
The kids all had a blast. We took the out to dinner and the enjoyed frosty's in the warm car. We saw some great houses and had a good time.
Dylan enjoying his treat.
Joey, Persephone, and Kimy enjoying their treats.

This was one of the kids looked great. They even had music playing. We let the kids get out here and take it all in.

Mandie and I loved this tree it was so pretty. We are wondering if the keep the lights on there year round or have someone put them on.

We also like this simple and pretty. I look foward to checking out some more house if the roads get better around here.

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