Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting the Perfect Tree......

Also on Saturday we decided to go get a tree, we went later in the afternoon, and it was perfect timing. In true Oregon fashion it rained the next day. Once again we went to Loch Lolly in North Plains to pick out the perfect tree.
There was much discussing and bickering about what the perfect tree looked like and of course how tall it should be.
Kimy enjoyed romping through the trees finding one her size. Everyone but Joey thought that was to small. The did try to talk us into two trees so they could put one in their room.

Here it is the Perfect tree for us this year. A 7 foot Nobel Fir. Meghan got the job of helping Dad cut it down this year. By the way Meghan did say it was okay to cut it down.....she is quite the environmentalist you know.

Of Course Santa was there to see the kids. Kimy and Joey were the only ones to sit on his lap. Meghan this it is not cool and for some reason Kassidy has never been one to talk to Santa.

Joey showing us he is all Boy and super Strong.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of the tree all done.

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Rae Rice said...

I am jealous...we have to drive really far to be able to cut down a tree. By the time you are done, it was cheaper to go to Target and just purchase one. I look forward to the decorations.