Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Man it is HOT........

And I mean has been 106 here in good old Oregon. We never get this hot. Never.....usually the hottest we get is maybe 100. So we have been inside enjoying what little bit of AC we have. So I don't have to much to talk about. I am almost done with Meghan's room and will post pictures when it is all done. Until there here are some picture I took at Blue Lake on Sunday. The kids really wanted to go, so Grandpa and I took the kids along with Alexis for some fun in the sun. This was my first time to Blue Lake and I am looking forward to going back.
Kimy and Joey heading into the lake. The couldn't get in fast enough.

Meghan, Alexis and Kassidy all wet and enjoying it.

Kimy and Joey being brave and going in deeper.

Meghan and Kassidy heading out to play with the twins.

Kimy least that is what she calls it.

Joey playing....there were not many opportunities to take his picture. He puts his head in the and swims.

Kimy and Joey playing.

Along with the lake there is a splash pad for the kids to play in. The are different water features for them to get with and run around. Here is Kimy enjoying herself.

Joey having a good time.

Kimy heading into the water again.

Joey flying though the water.

This is one of the many play structures they had at the park. It was nice to have different activities for the twins to do, they like to move and play and not rest, especially Kimy. Nana says she has two speeds.....on and off. She is hardly ever off.

Kimy driving.....thank goodness she is to young to really drive.

Joey climbing up the ladder....Grandpa was chasing him around.

Joey posing for me.

Back to the water. Kassidy and Alexis giving Joey and Kimy piggy back rides.

Meghan watching all the kids play.

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