Monday, July 20, 2009

What a weekend!

We have had an eventful weekend. It all started on Friday with hanging out with Sheila and her kids. We went to the park to play in the water and have lunch. It was the perfect weather for such fun. All the kids had a great time and enjoyed a Slurpee on the way home.
Kassidy and Nichole playing in the water fountain.
Saturday was Adyson's (my niece) birthday party. Another hot day, so a great day for a pool party. All the kids had a blast. Including Meghan. Being 13 she thought she was to old to bring her swimsuit. Soon MacKenzie (my other niece) had her talked into do getting wet in her clothes. The kids enjoyed the pool with slide and doing the slip a sled. A first for my kids, who all soon mastered it. Especially Joey.
Kimy on the slip and slide.

Joey finishing up.

The Birthday girl Adyson

Meghan's turn on the slip and slide.

Meghan and MacKenzie helping Lala stay cool

Nana, Molly and Ryan watching the kids play.

So it being Adyson's birthday, I made her pool party cupcakes. This little bear is diving under the water. Complete with diver's mask and tube for breathing. There are also balls to play with and tubes for hanging out in. Everything is edible.

More cupcakes. Some have mats to lounge on and noodle to play with.

More cupcakes. I made a ton and Jason took the leftover to the fire station for their enjoyment.

The kids really liked them also. Some are even wearing arm floaties.

Adyson pretending to blow out the candles. She didn't like them being lit.

Piper enjoying her cupcake.

Adyson, after she was done eating hers. She said they were Yummy.

Nana and Lala.
We all had a good time, Thanks for the invite Lala, Jason, Hunter and Adyson.

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Rae Rice said...

great pictures of the family on a summer day. It looks like you guys had a blast! Coleen looks great. p.s. Annella has the same bathing suit as Kassidy!