Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I personally love music. All types. I have favorites, but for the most part I listen to everything. My friend Mandie has her brothers visiting for a bit this summer. Will and Tyler, or Wawa and Ty as they are called by Dylan, are very sweet teenager. I have gotten to spend some time with them over the past two days. I can tell they they also both like music. I also learned that Will can play the guitar.....He is good, no great. I have never heard such beautiful music before. As we were enjoying the beautiful weather at the park, he played for us. I also snapped some pictures. I wonder if he noticed.
Will playing.....he looks so deep in thought, but natural at the same time.

Watching his finger move was amazing, like they knew where to go with out him thinking about it.

Dylan enjoying the music.

Will still playing.....Meghan is hoping to learn a bit before he leaves. She has been wanting to learn to play for a while now.

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