Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am a cat person, a dog person also, but I have always grown up with cats. We always had cats around at least 2, sometimes more. We had a couple of litters also. My Dad always had fun names for them, Halflip(his lip was half black, half white), BK(Black Kat), Charlie(a girl), Bootsie(she was black, except for white paws). So I in general love cats. As I have said before, we have Oreo, he is black and white and a love. He loves Meghan the most. A bit ago we added Captain. He is also a sweetie and love to Chase Oreo around. The get a long great.
This is not one of our cats, but beautiful all the same. I love Tigers, they are so pretty. Also so much like a house cat. This is one of the rare time I have seen the Tigers at the Zoo awake, they are usually sleeping.
See Oreo and Captain taking a nap together under my craft table.

Kimy Did this to Captain the other day. He also lets her push him around in her baby stroller.
He is willing to let her wrap him up like a baby and make him a bed.

Okay may not to much, but he did fall asleep like this for a while.

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Rae Rice said...

I love how children play with cats, and if you have a good cat, they tolerate with a smirk on their face knowing that they will one day get even.