Monday, July 6, 2009

Dylan's Birthday Cake

So today was Dylan's birthday party. He told me he wanted Lego cupcakes. Something I have never done before. But, hey. I will try anything once. So a baked a cake and cut it into different size squares and such. Then I covered them with fondant. Something I have not used before, but it went okay for my first try. Dylan Loved the cakes, so that is a plus.
The finished cakes. I can see my mistakes, but not to bad for the first try. I also used Lego men to decorate the cakes. I think Dylan liked theses the best.
Dylan liked this guy best.....he has brown hair and sunglasses.

Another part of the cake.

Dylan playing with the people off of the cake.

He loves his Lego's

They Lego's we got Dylan for his birthday.

Checking out the new bike he got from Mom and Dad.

"Hey.....that is not a Hot Wheels bike!"

Running to Dad in tears, he really wanted the Hot Wheels bike.

Enjoying the new bike. He realized that Transformers is better.

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