Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is done!!!!!!

Meghan's room that is. It took a couple of weeks, but it is all done. She loves it and so do her friends that have seen it. She has been back in her room since Saturday and happy as a clam about it. She is enjoying writing on the walls and being able to escape from her siblings when needed.
Her friend Ace that stayed Saturday night had fun also. They left messages on the walls.

All over....they even played hangman on them.

Her new bedding that Grandpa bought her fun such good grades.

Her study area, She got the desk from Mandie and repainted it.

Her curtains.....we decided not to do blinds. There is a sheer purple behind the zebra stripes.

We still have a couple of little things to do and buy, but she is very happy with how it all turned out. No one to one of the little kids rooms. Just not sure which one yet.

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Rae Rice said...

I love looks great. My older sister would be jealous with what this room looks like (purple and all). Congrats on creating a successful pre-teen bedroom.