Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not a sound

There is not a single sound in my house right now except for the clicking of my keyboard as I type this. Today I sent all my kids off to school. Yep all of them, even the twins. I am all alone at home. No one is calling me, fighting with a sibling or watching TV. Had to believe that I am alone for a couple of hours. The twins get picked up at 11. What am I going to do with my time......laundry, cleaning, reading, scrap booking......who knows for sure, but something will get accomplished today.
Meghan ready to walk out the door. She is a WEB leader and had to wear the shirt so the new kids can go to her for help. Chris took her to school today, she had to be there early. I can't believe that she is in the 8th grade!

Kimy all ready for her first day of Kindergarten. She was so excited that she woke up at 6a.m.

Joey ready to head out the door for Kindergarten also. He told me as we were walking in that he might be a little shy today.

Kassidy all ready to start 4th grade with Mrs. Towell. She is very very excited to be in Mrs. Towell's class. Meghan had her for the 5th and loved her. She is excited Kassidy got her also.

So today being the first day I walked them to their classrooms. They three youngest seem so big now. It was hard to watch them go off into their classrooms with out a worry.

Kassidy picking a spot. She was ready to get some work done.

Kimy and Joey hanging up their backpacks.

Reading a book and waiting for the bell to ring.

Joey was also reading a book.
That is how I left them.......reading at a table. No tears (from any of us), just a hug and kiss goodbye. I am sitting here wondering how they grew up so fast.

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Rae Rice said...

OMG Katie! Time alone...what the heck, that wasn't in the union contract!