Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Big Update

It has been a long time since I have updated my blog. There is always something to keep me busy, and it usually happens just as I have time to blog. I have also been doing a lot of volunteering at the younger kids school, so there is the little kid free time I have gone. So here is what we have been up to the past 3 months.
We have had to say farewell to some wonderful friends as they moved back to California. Jason, Leah, Thomas and Jack.......we all miss you very much. I hope things are going well. Love you all.

Kimy and Joey went on their first field trip. Their Kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch in October. Here is a picture of their class at the pumpkin patch. All the kids had a wonderful time. The best part was that we did not get rained on.

I took the kids to their Costume dance at the school. Dylan got to go with us also. The kids had a great time and danced until it was time to go home.

We went trick or treating on Halloween with Vanessa and her boys. It was cold, but the kids hauled in a bunch of candy. It is a good thing Daddy helped them eat it all. Meghan went out with some of her friends.

More recently Kimy fell playing on the ladder of her bunk bed and broke her foot. It landed her in a splint for a week. We also got to spend most of the evening in the ER. She is doing much better now, and on the mend.

The twins class did a little Thanksgiving sing along and got to have a feast afterwords. It was nice to hear all the songs they have been learning. They got to preform with all the other kindergartners.

Meghan and MacKenzie......we spend Thanksgiving with my family at the Kearney's house. It was nice to sit and talk with family, watch football, play with the kids, and eat yummy food.

Kimy on her crutches......she is too dang cute, and man could she really move on them.

Papa, Nana, and Aunt Molly loading up their plates.

Grandpa and Joey playing football. We are teaching Joey not to let go of the ball. No matter what.

Daddy is a huge, and I mean huge Saints fan. He has been since I have know him, all the way back in 19992. He has supported him in good time and bad times, mostly bad. We have to be honest about that. But they are doing great this year, and we are darn proud of that. We are looking forward to them playing in the Superbowl.

Last night we went to free night at the Children's Museum. It was nice for the kids to be able to run and play inside. It has been pretty cold here, so we are stuck indoors more often. The kids really like playing in the restaurant.

Jack and Kimy cooking for the customers.

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