Sunday, December 13, 2009

Meghan's Adventures

Aunt Alison came for a visit this weekend, for 1 purpose and 1 purpose go snowboarding on Mt. Hood. She took Meghan with her, maybe out of guilt. Probably not, she is teaching Meghan to snowboard and Saturday was lesson number 2. I was so nice of her to fly from Las Vegas to teach her. The last time she came was in March or April. They had a blast this time, and even got snowed on to boot.
Meghan heading down the slope. Alison says that Meghan is a natural, hopefully that is true and she is not just saying that because we let her stay with
All smiles, but I am sure her butt is hurting her. She says it is now.

Meghan really getting the hang of it. During this trip she tried some blue and green runs. I am not to sure what that means, but Alison says that it is good.

She also said Meghan is really good at falling. I think she is taking tips from Alison on how to get some really cool bruises.

Alison's proof that she is there and teaching her......wait is that Meghan falling in the background?
All in all they had a great time and returned home tired and in one piece. That is all this proud Mom can ask for. We are looking forward to Alison's next trip, We all love it when she come to visit.

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