Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are all so glad that summer is here. Time to play at the park! On Tuesday we went to the "Water Park" as the kids call in for some fun in the some. We played, ran in the water fountain and then went to the Library for some books for our summer reading.
Kimy has mastered the monkey bars. She may be part monkey.
Joey going down the twisty pole. There is great concentration that goes into the whole process.

I love the concentration in her face. She works so hard to get all the way across.

There was swinging also.....lots of swinging. They always ask me to push them higher. I guess the higher they go the more fun it is.

Meghan is pushing Kimy and Dylan. At least I was able to rope her into doing it. My back was killing me due to a wonderful Kidney stone. I can't wait for it to pass.

Kassidy and Kimy enjoying the water after lunch. I never got as warm as it was suppose to. They had a blast either way.

Joey running through the water. They all love being in the water.

Kimy running though the fountain.

Joey showing me his ninja poses.......he always makes me laugh. We are looking forward to many more days like this. Also going to more parks, and being with our friends.

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