Sunday, June 28, 2009

My little Spiderman

Yesterday we went to spent the day with my good friend Sheila and her kids. We spent part of the afternoon at a park by here house. The kids played in the water and sand, then we made our way over to the playground. Much to Joey's delight they had a rope climbing structure. He jumped right on telling me he was Spider-Man. I have caught him holding spider in the hopes of turning into Spider-Man.
Concentrating hard on the task at hand.

So many ways to go!

Making sure that I am watching him.

working his way through the maze of ropes.

Looking to see how far up he was.

"Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man"

So close......just a little bit more to go.

" Finally made it to the top!"

Joey at the top of the structure. He was very proud.

1 comment:

Rae Rice said...

You are so in trouble if he can that easily climb to the top of a rope structure. First playgrounds, then cookie jars on top of the fridge!