Monday, June 29, 2009


I remember being a kid and getting on a tire swing and spinning. Feeling free, and letting my hair out.......also the little bit queasiness you get from it also. When I took the kids to the park on Saturday, they had these little chair things they can sit in and it spins around with their body weight. They LOVED it. They had so much fun spinning.
Kassidy went first......she kept wanting to go faster and faster. She is so much like her Dad.

Joey was there to cheer her on, only so he could have her turn.

Joey was ready to go, he also wanted to go faster. A little daredevil he is.

Kimy was last and I think the most fun to watch. She put her head back and let her hair down.She was giggling the whole time.

She was happy going fast.

And smiled the whole time, this big huge grin.
P.S. My Kidney stone procedure went well and it is gone. Yeah! All that worry for nothing.

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Rae Rice said...

I love the lazy, fun days of summer. Balboa Park has some of those spinny things; Nellie is terrified of them.