Monday, June 1, 2009

It is so hard to say Goodbye.....

On May 22nd 2008, my Mother in law lost her 13 month battle to Cancer. She went into the Lord's arms peacefully, I know because I was lucky to be with her when she took her last breath on our Earth. I held her hand and felt her pulse slip away. It was one of the most sad and amazing things I have ever been a part of.
This was outside the chapel where we said our last Goodbye's.

Kassidy wait patiently waiting for the tire to be changed. Yes we got a flat tire on the way to the cemetery. Talk about not having a good day.
Chris and Pat, the wonderful ODOT employee who helped us change said tire on the side of the freeway. We are so grateful to him.
Chris and Dennis taking Ann the her final resting place. We are all sad to have lost her. She fought a tough fight and is now in a much better place.
Kimy and Joey playing outside of the Church. They still don't understand that Grandma is not her anymore. I know that will get it at some point.

I helped make some of the prayer cards for the service and family members. One of the poems I found really hit hard, so I thought I would share it with you.

We thought of you today.

But that is nothing new.

We thought of you yesterday

And will tomorrow, too.

We think of you in silence

And make no outward show.

For what it meant to loose you

Only those who love you know.

Remembering you is easy.

We do it everyday.

It's the heartache of losing you

That will never go away.

Author unknown

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Rae Rice said...


We are so sorry for your loss. Please wrap your arms around Chris for us and let him know how much we love him and are thinking of him and his family during this difficult time.