Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is just a potluck of pictures....taken around the house as the kids are cleaning their rooms. Joey was first.....he is the first room I came to.
Just watching Oreo look at the window. Oreo loves this window.
Kassidy and Kimy working on their disaster area. This was taken minutes before a fight broke out where Kassidy said Kimy was not helping.

All the while said teenager was putting her clothes away. She saw me and the camera and ran to the closet.

Closed the doors and this was all I could see of the way I love the orange nail polish.
Until I went to the other side and snapped this picture......she was trying not to laugh.

After about 5 minutes of me begging and I mean begging, she allowed me to take this shot. I am not to sure why this beautiful girl will not let me take her picture. I love them all and am glad they are all mine.

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Rae Rice said...

she is are all your children.