Thursday, January 29, 2009

13 years ago....

13 years ago, my niece MacKenzie Vaugh was born. She had brownish, blond hair and blue eyes. Actually her hair looked like she had highlights done. She was beautiful, and sweet. I loved watching her grow up, she has always mad be smile and laugh.
Today she is smart, funny, caring and an awesome soccer player. She loves soccer and is a natural, at least I think so. Molly and Ryan have really helped her developed her talent,
and have done a lot of driving to make sure she is doing what she loves.
This picture was taken just after he team won State in 2007

I took this one this morning. As she was getting ready for school I stopped by to deliver some balloons and cupcakes to her. I love the quirky look she has. She knows how to make me laugh. I can't believe that 13 years ago I was holding her in my arms snuggling her.
It is hard to look at this beautiful teenager and not get teary eyed.
She has grown so much.
Happy 13th Birthday Mac!
These are the cupcakes I made for her. Soccer balls of course.
She loved them.

I left a dozen for her and Her family to have tonight after dinner.

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