Thursday, October 9, 2008


So lately I have been trying my hand at some cake decorating.
Okay it is cupcakes, but I love it and so do the kids. I found
this great book called Hello, Cupcake!

Here where the first cupcakes I made. They are popcorn cupcakes.
I made these for Kassidy's birthday in May.
On Monday I made these with neighbor for one of her daycare kids. The cats were fun to make and the kids had fun eating them.
All the cats we made.
Here are the pirates we made for we had a pirate party we had for the kids.
These were not in the book, but we didn't do to bad.


Rae Rice said...

you kill me. I want to do the popcorn ones really bad. I am trying to find the right occasion to make them. We are going to make halloween cupcakes for nellie's big halloween party. (Don't you know half of San Diego is invited!)

Nicole said...

Nicole,Rachel's sis here, the cupcakes are great! I really love the pirate and cat ones. Super cute. Keep up with the pics of them! Check out my blog, you can find the link on Rachel's blog!