Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy 35th........yes I am a WoW widow

Chris turned 35 on Friday...yep he is older than me and I rub in it every chance I get. We went out to dinner with his family and back to our house for cake, well cupcakes actually. Since he is a huge World of Warcraft fan, I tried my hand at making cupcakes of his favorite thing. They didn't turn out to bad and he really enjoyed it. WoW is his hobby of choice, he spends all his free time on the computer playing his game as his alter ego, Jedander. So I am what they call a Wow widow of sorts. More of that in another post.
Here is Chris opening his presents from the kids and I....World of Warcraft figures, and comic books. Yep he is a geek. Just don't tell him. Kimy and Joey were trying to help.
Here are the cupcakes I made. All the pieces on top are made of chocolate. I traced them from various parts of the game. He really liked them and said I did a good job.
Meghan presenting the cupcakes with candles for Dad to blow out. All in all we had a nice evening sand Dad had a great birthday.

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Rae Rice said...

Yeah...IF Martha Stewart were in to WoW, she would dominate you, but she doesn't, so that makes you the martha stewart cupcake geek of the month. YOu are too kind to your husband.