Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Big Top!!!!!!!

On Thursday night Grandpa took us to the circus. Boy did we have a blast...
Grandpa loves to do fun things with us and this was the best. We got to
ride the MAX to the Rose Garden in downtown Portland.
When we got there we got to dress up in some of the costumes. That was very cool. Don't we look like we should be working here.

Then the show started...It was so fun to watch everything that was going on. The music was cool, and our favorite part was the motorcycles. We also like the elephants and the tigers.
This is Grandpa and Meghan....of course Meghan had to get a monkey for her collection. Meghan had a good time also, she really like the high wire acts.
Joey got tired and feel asleep before the circus was over. We had to wake him up so we could ride the MAX home. We had a lot of fun, but we were so tired that we went right to bed when we got home. Thanks Grandpa for taking us...We all had a good time.

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