Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today is a big day in the Anderson household. Today is the day that half of our family celebrates their birthday. 35 years ago today I was born. My Mom will tell all that it was a very hard labor and delivery. My Mom is 5' 1" and I was born at a whopping 8lbs. 10oz. My poor Mom. So Happy BIRTH day Mom and thanks for all you do for us.

Here I am 5 years ago on my birthday. Man was I big and in labor. 5 years ago today, I gave birth to Joey and Kimy. I share my birthday with them, a wonderful thing if you ask me. I didn't mind one bit being in labor and having them on my birthday.
Here Is Joey and Kimy a couple of days after they were born. This is the bear that Great Aunt Janna got them to take their pictures with every year. They are so little here. Joey was born weighting 6lbs. 10oz. Kimy was born weighing 6lbs. 12oz. They seemed so little to be and the loved to be held and snuggled.

Here they are ready to celebrate their 1st birthday. I had a hard time believing that they were 1! They are the youngest after all. It was also a very rough year. that 1st year is the hardest.
They were running everywhere and into everything. They caused a lot of trouble together.

Here they are on their 2nd birthday. Joey always had his thumb in his mouth. They were talking a ton. Kimy more so then Joey. With all the girls in the house Joey could not get a word in edge wise.

Here they are on their 3rd birthday. No bear picture this year, I guess I forgot. They celebrated their 3rd birthday with their best friend Will he was born a week after the twins. A good time was had by all.

Here is Joey on his 4th birthday. No thumb, but he still sucks it from time to time. He is growing a ton and all boy. He loves cars and bugs, but what little boy doesn't.

Here is Kimy on her 4th birthday, she is such a sweetie. She loves everyone, but also loves to boss them around also. She is such a cutie, especially when she smiles.

Here they are today at 5 years old. They are so big, I can't believe that they are 5, where has the time gone. They have learned to ride 2 wheelers, and are getting ready for school in September. Kimy was a little upset she couldn't go today......She is 5 after all. They have changed so much in the last 5 years, to bad they can't stay little forever.
Here we all are today, my neighbor took this picture for us. They now understand more that we share a birthday and were very quick to wish me a Happy Birthday this morning after I said it to them. We are spending the day together as we have done from the get go. What more can I ask for. I am a very lucky Mom to be able to have such a wonderful day to share with my youngest two kiddos.

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Elyse said...

Happy Birthday to all three of you!