Sunday, March 8, 2009

A little behind

So I meant to do this last week, but time got away from me. On Our shared birthday The twins and I meet Chris at McDonald's for lunch. This was such a treat and not something they get to do. They were so excited. Eating out and with Daddy what more can a 5 year old ask for. Afterwards we returned home so I could finish birthday cupcakes. Got to have cake on your birthday.
Kimy and Joey waiting in the car for Daddy to show up.
Enjoying their favorite place to eat.

These are the cupcakes that Kimy wanted. Sunflowers. I think that they turned out okay. I was not 100% in love with them and know what to different next time.

Joey wanted bugs. I went a little different route this time and bought a tip to make grass. I like how they turned out. Joey loved them also.

Kimy and Joey enjoying their cupcakes after dinner. Joey was more worried about eating it, then letting me take his picture. This week is going to be so busy. The twins are having their birthday party on Saturday, so I have to make cupcakes for that. I will make sure to post pictures to share.

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Rae Rice said...

So Katie, I am at school, looking at your blog and music starts playing. Nothing unusual...I reguarily listen to I-tunes, just some songs I haven't heard in a while. Then a song comes on that I don't recognize (In My Daughter's Eyes?) and I think...did a student put music on my computer? And then I realize (seriously, 30 minutes after opening your blog) that I hadn't closed your blog and I have been listening to your music!!!

I hope the twins had a great birthday.