Sunday, February 22, 2009


So by this point, I am always being asked to help make cupcakes. If there is a birthday for a family member or friend, they want cupcakes now. To be honest, I am loving it. I love to bake it makes me happy. So my friend Mandie has a birthday for one of her daycare kids. A little boy, so we made bug cupcakes for afternoon snack tomorrow.
This is all of them. I tried to make the green look like grass. I did okay, but I am thinking that I am going to have to stat buying supplies for real decorating. The Ziploc bag is not going to cut it anymore.
Close up of a spider.

I think this centipede looks pretty cool

These are little fleas. All of these came from my Hello Cupcake book. I love that book. It has made me discover something I love to do. And Rachel, I am super sorry that I can't come down and make cupcakes for the girls birthday's you know I would love to. I miss you all a ton. Keep stopping by, I have many, many more birthdays to come next month.

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