Friday, January 22, 2010

Where has the time gone

I find it hard to believe that January is almost over. And we have our first birthday for the year coming up. Meghan will be 14 in 11 days, she made sure to let me know today. Because you know I would forget....not really. I will never forget. Four days before that my niece MacKenzie will be 14. I find it hard to comprehend that I have an almost high schooler. I am not old enough for that. I am going into this next chapter of her life not to sure about any of it. Oh the joys of being Mom.
Since I did not post any Christmas pictures to date, yes I have been busy. Raising 4 kids is a lot of work. I have also been volunteering at the kids' schools lately........a lot. I am loving every minute of it and I am glad I can do something to help out where it is needed. Anyways I am posting a couple of pictures now.
All the kids on Christmas day. We spent the day at Colleen and Jason's. So left to right on top row is Jayden, Kassidy, MacKenzie and Meghan. Then left to right on bottom row is Hunter, Joey, Kimy and Adyson. They are all so cute.
Here is my bunch Christmas Eve in their new jammies. I love how close they were. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with Chris' family at their house. We also went to church with Grandpa before dinner. All in all it was a wonderful holiday.

Even for Daddy who got the best present from his Dad. This beautiful table with a glass top. Ass you can see it has the emblem from his favorite football team The Saint's. Yes, Chris is a happy man as the are ever so close to going to the Super Bowl. It has been a season filled with a lot of games this year.

As you can see Joey is also in the football spirit. We start them young in this house. He has been a fan since the day he was born.

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